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How we work

The two of us coach individuals and groups in person or online. Our clients benefit from our dual expertise and our different perspectives on the issue at hand. Learn more about our work.


I had the opportunity to participate in Emily and Cristina's group coaching. I always came out of the appointments very motivated and felt supported at all times. After the last appointment, I can say that the group coaching has made me stronger and has continued to encourage me to be positive about the future. Although I thought I had a lot of unanswered questions, some have been clarified in the coaching. Emily and Cristina are two wonderful, professional coaches with incredible patience and a great way of supporting and guiding people in coaching. I am incredibly grateful to have been able to attend and meet these two! Many thanks again!

HR-Specialist Hamburg

When I pushed my father for generational coaching with Cristina and Emily, I knew I didn't want to give up our family business, but the conflicts with my father almost led to it. With the support of the two coaches, within a short period of time we managed to respect our differences and communicate constructively with each other. Cristina and Emily manage to create a relaxed atmosphere even in difficult situations while achieving results.

Architect - Leipzig

Cristina and Emily were already able to take away my doubts about coaching in the preliminary meeting through their competence and experience.
Because they work in pairs, my son and I each had our own coach, which created a bridge between our different views. I realized that both generations can learn from each other to lead the company into the future.

Architect - Leipzig

Founding together is a bit like getting married: Choosing the right partners is everything.
That's why coaching with Cristina and Emily was extremely important in our early start-up phase. Together we worked out our skillsets and respective positions in the company and clarified major misunderstandings.
After the short but intensive coaching, we were able to fully concentrate on our start-up project and the work with the other team members.

Startup-Founder - Berlin

I can highly recommend coaching to anyone who is interested. Any problem is analyzed in detail at the beginning of the coaching and the actual basis of the problem is exposed. This gave me an "aha" effect already after the first session. All the tools and methods used had an impressive effect on me. Cristina and Emily made sure that I felt comfortable throughout the process, but also that I was pushing my own personal limits. The coaching has changed my perspective on myself and my life in a lasting way and that is exactly what I needed.

Business Development Managerin - Berlin

About Us

Dr. Cristina Barth Frazzetta is a physician, psychologist and business coach. Emily Lürßen is a psychologist and systemic coach. Together they are Barth x Lürßen Coaching.

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