How We Work

Whether in a video call or in person, our way of working is creative and playful, solution-oriented and leads to surprising changes of perspective.
Our approach to the questions of our clients is systemic. This means that we look at them individually and in their entire environment:
What factors are affecting the situation? What other influences need to be seen? Where are there blind spots or blockages? Where are the levers for the desired change?

Become who you are.FRIEDRICH NIETZSCHE

Orientation Coaching

What do I want and where do I want to go? Am I doing the right thing for my life and what is "the right thing" anyway?

There are situations in which we are overcome by doubts, feelings of resignation or stagnation and the need to break out. What we ourselves and our environment often dismiss as a temporary low, however, often offers the chance to learn a lot about oneself, to recognize potentials and to find one's own way.
Thus, these situations can become intensive phases of reorientation and lead to productive results.

In orientation coaching, we work with you to develop your potential opportunities and define concrete steps towards your goal based on your personality and strengths. Each coaching step will motivate you to continue on your path with confidence.

We also offer our orientation coaching in small groups that suit you.

Generation Change Coaching

The path to generational change in leadership or cooperation in cross-generational teams harbors a great deal of potential for conflict. Yet it is precisely the different experiences, life paths and visions that can enrich the joint work.

We ourselves are a mother-daughter duo and additionally entrepreneurs from two generations. We know both the conflicts and their psychological backgrounds, as well as the enrichments of working together in a cross-generational constellation. With a lot of empathy we work on satisfying solutions for both sides.

Through a BxL generation change coaching, supposed obstacles reveal themselves as actual added values. Different views and ideas are no longer opposed to each other, but complement each other and lead to the development of the full potential.

Before you’re a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.JACK WELCH

Leadership Coaching for Startups

You've just founded your company and already you're facing one challenge after another. When the first employees join and the team even grows, the founders in particular have to grow into their leadership role.

But how do I actually lead (my) team? A team that invests passion, energy and time - but also demands a lot in return: The employees want to have a say and be able to shape processes themselves. This drives the project forward, but also requires competent leadership so that the collaboration leads to success.

To ensure that the idea does not fail due to a lack of leadership skills, we offer leadership coaching especially for young founders. Here you reflect on current topics from your everyday leadership and develop your very own leadership style, based on your personality.
The result is that your team develops its potential and achieves sustainable business success.

Team Coaching

A functioning team is of central importance for the success of small and large companies.
But what makes a good and healthy team? How can it become even more productive?
And how can internal conflicts be overcome?

As team coaches, we support communication and cooperation within the team by making complementary strengths visible, promoting honest feedback among each other and establishing solution-oriented attitudes. In a protected environment, goals and strategies are discussed - critically where necessary.

In coaching, you agree on joint, productive work processes and workflows that fit your individual work practice. Team members get to know each other better and build mutual trust. Together you develop an understanding of how your different skills and strengths complement each other and how you can use them in the future.

Talent wins games, but teamwork [...] wins championships.MICHAEL JORDAN

Female Coaching Circle

How do I motivate and inspire my team? How do I advance my career? How can I achieve a better work-life balance?

Whether you are a freelancer, a manager or an employee in a company: In the Female Coaching Circle we develop personal strategies for a healthy and successful (professional) life. In a protected environment, we clarify professional questions, discover unknown perspectives and new options for action.
The program of the Coaching Circle is designed by you, the participants, because the focus is on finding solutions to your current questions. We use a variety of effective methods that enrich your own toolkit beyond the coaching session. Through our professional input, the exchange of experiences among each other and the group feedback, you will grow personally and additionally develop a cross-sector, trusting network.

Mediation Coaching

Whether in start-ups, cooperations or everyday collaboration: Conflicts take up time, create stress, reduce the quality of results and, in the worst case, jeopardize the entire project.

In mediation coaching we help you to clarify misunderstandings, to eliminate points of friction and disagreements in the team and to recognize complementary potentials. As neutral mediators, we develop solutions with you that contribute to honest, mutual understanding and a trouble-free working atmosphere.

After your coaching, you can fully dedicate yourself to your goals again.

One way to resolve a conflict is to overcome it together.Joachim Panten

Professional training as a systemic business coach

Once a year, we offer our ECA*-certified continuing education program to become a Systemic Business Coach. In a group of a maximum of six participants, you will acquire excellent theoretical and practical coaching skills in four modules. You will be accompanied by our experienced, interdisciplinary team of lecturers.

*European Coaching Association